Google Store gives an early peek at its upcoming Black Friday deals

Pixel 5 vs Pixel 4a 5GSource: Hayato Huseman / Android Central

In addition to launching the new Barely Blue edition of the Google Pixel 4a, Google also showcased all their upcoming Black Friday deals for the Google Store.

Google is offering discounts for most of its catalog including phones, smart home devices, and Google Stadia. Most deals will start on November 22, while some will start on November 25.

One of the most notable deals coming on November 22 is the Google Pixel 5 on sale for $649, which is $50 off the original price. Considering the Pixel 5’s already reasonable price tag and relatively recent release date, a $50 discount is not bad at all.

On top of that, starting November 22, you’ll have many affordable options to enter the Nest ecosystem. You’ll be able to buy a 2-pack bundle of the Nest Audio for $169.98 (originally $199.98) as well as a Google Home Max for a stunning 50% discount. If you want a screen with that, the Nest Hub Max will also be $50 off, priced at only $179.

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Then, starting November 25, you’ll be able to join the Stadia experience at a pretty substantial 30% discount. For $69.99, you’ll be able to buy the Stadia Premiere Edition, which includes a Google Chromecast Ultra as well as Stadia Controller. No matter what you think of Stadia, this is a pretty good deal.

November 25 also makes the affordable Nest Mini more affordable than ever before, discounted at $18.99 from its original $49 price tag. For home owners looking to upgrade your security system, you’ll be able to get a killer deal on the Nest Hello. The doorball will be discounted at $179 with professional installation only being $49.

We’re expecting a lot more deals like these throughout Black Friday, so make sure to stay tuned to Android Central for all the deals.

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