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Sten-Erik Björling is a self-employed consultant since 1984 that has been active in different fields such as global competence network concepts and solutions, military control and command concepts, eMaintenance solutions for military aviation and currently involved in interaction / interoperability concepts / solutions development covering information logistics / circular economy / distributed ledger approaches / extended financial processes and integration of competence / skills / practices management for the circular economy sector. Participation as a partner in two circular economy-centric projects – myEcoCost (parallel upstream accounting flow for resources and environmental impacts and CIRC4Life – circular economy business models development. Presenter at Open Innovation conferences covering innovative approaches of BlockChain and DLT technologies. Participated in BlockChain observatory centred on logistics and supply chain issues. Currently also industrial PhD student in the area of information logistics / integration for advanced maintenance and production staff / processes. A practical guy…

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